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When my parents bought me my first computer in 1981, it didn’t come with any games or software.  Anything I wanted that device to do, I had to instruct it to do myself.  I sat in front of it for tens of hours a week, and from that moment forward I have always viewed technology as a medium for self-expression and a means to connect to other people in interesting ways.


I’ve enjoyed a varied career which has allowed me to explore a areas where technology has disrupted traditional business and human behaviour. By applying an evolving set of guiding principles I’ve been able to create products and services that have found their way into the hands of millions of users, and I’ve learned the practise of effective storytelling that drives that growth.  I’ve also considered, from the beginning, the ethical implications of my work and have managed to comingle morality with opportunity.


At the core of my work is the idea that for anything to be successful it has to be interesting.  Being interesting often relies on  nuances nested deep within the guts of technology.  Good marketing, therefore, starts at the design and engineering desk.  For this reason I shall never abandon my roots as a technologist.


Of course it should go without saying that none of us works alone, or succeeds without the help of others.  I’m grateful to those who have enabled me to experience so much, and to those who continue to encourage and assist me in exploring.

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