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Taliban or Republican (2012)

Frustrated by the level of political discourse leading up to the 2012 US Election, I created an online game called “Taliban or Republican”.  The goal was for players to view a quotation, and guess whether the utterer of that quotation was a Taliban or a Republican.  Once the guess was made, players would see how they fared on each question versus past players.

There were more than 50 quotes chosen at random, for 10 quotes per game.  Few players scored more than 60% accuracy in successfully guessing the source of each quote.

Later versions included artwork generously provided by DonkeyHotey.  TorR was a victim of its success.  It garnered mentions by the Daily Show and Politico, among others.  As it crested 5,000 visitors per day the AWS hosting bills, and the torrent of abusive emails from Conservatives, started to overwhelm me so I elected to shut it down..


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November 20, 2012