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Zoro (2016)

DDS, makers of software and hardware servicing the Taxi industry, created Zoro to assist the industry in competing with Uber.  I was hired in 2016 after several failed attempts to launch Zoro, lacklustre user reviews, and limited adoption by the company’s partners in the Taxi world.

Part of the brief for the project was identifying and reconciling feature and service gaps, proving demand, and establishing Zoro as a player within the regulatory and political framework evolving globally, but especially within Canada.

As part of demonstrating demand, I worked with AdPlay media and co-wrote and co-directed a series of radio commercials for airing during the Christmas season to drive interest in the app.  Our production cycle from start-to-airing was less than three weeks.  These are two examples from this very cost-effective radio campaign:

Additionally, I made material recommendations for improving both the driver-facing and customer-facing aspects of the service.  I engaged with the governing authorities and helped them to design a program, announced during the 2017 election cycle, to support a taxi-focused ride-hailing app and service via a one-time $1M grant to the taxi industry.  I worked with taxi partners to gain their support and feedback for a development plan for Zoro.

With multibillion-dollar valuations for both Lyft and Uber, the ride-hailing app marketplace is a go-big-or-go-home endeavour.  After realizing the structural changes and financial commitments necessary to compete effectively with Uber and Lyft, DDS decided based on my recommendation to focus instead on its core software offerings, and review the Zoro opportunity later.


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November 17, 2016