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Movies On Demand..

Hey! Check out: The site is a tad slow, but it truly could be the next Napster model that scares the crap out of the movie industry. -Ian. —- $1 films spook Hollywood By John Borland Staff Writer, CNET

For the Hard of Thinking: NAPSTER Loses..

Ironically, Lars Ulrich appeared on “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” on Sunday Night and busted out at $32,000. A day later, in case you live in a #^@$ing cave, Napster got burned at the stake by the San Francisco US Circuit Court, which upheld the earlier...

Napster Users Buy More Music

Friday July 21 11:00 AM EDT Study: Napster users buy more music By Evan Hansen, CNET People who use Napster and other file-swapping networks to trade MP3 files are more likely to boost their music spending than those who don’t use such services,...