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At last, here it is…

(click here to view on Vimeo).

…after months of toil and tinkering we have finally released the Vancouver video to you, the world.  Thanks to those who helped at every level — from our sponsors at Microsoft, the BCIC, the BCTIA, and VEDC; to the student volunteers who crewed our shoot and did makeup; to friends of mine like Mark Torlay and Irfhan Rajani; to the guys at MacStation and the Vancouver Film School.  This was truly a community project which received direct or indirect contributions from more than 60 people during the three months in which it was produced.  And it most certainly asked for disproportionate efforts from the VFS grads who made this possible:  Jeanette Seah, Matt Simon, Nate Slaco, Shawn Hight, Chris Harrell, and Kasey Lum.  For my part I wrote five different scripts, begged for money all over town to complete production, and lost quite a few nights of sleep.

Now we can relax until the next phase begins.  If you have questions about this project, would like to present it at a conference or industry event, or would like to help us continue the story please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Until then, for me, my focus returns to AppSocial.