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Thanks to generous support from the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, the BCTIA, the BC Innovation Council, Microsoft Canada, and others I have been quietly producing a film along with a team of digital designers from the internationally-acclaimed Vancouver Film School.  The goal of the film is to serve as a centrepiece in promoting our city and region by highlighting some of the incredible technology companies that have flowered here and generated worldwide impact.

Sample frame illustrates Verrus' Parking Payment System

As part of this film we’ll be representing the density of companies on an animated map… and that’s where you come in.  We’d like to use your logo and plot your company’s location on that map along with your peers.  This is an excellent way for you to promote your company to a worldwide business and investment audience, and to show your support for your peers and this community.  We are looking not only for companies founded and/or based in the Vancouver Area, but also development centres for global companies.  If you want to help skip to the form below or view it directly on Wufoo.

That said, there are some parameters.  Because we’re animating, zooming, and otherwise manipulating that logo for the purposes of the film we need your logo in vector format.  These generally come in the form of .EPS or .AI files.  If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, talk to that logo’s designer.   JPEGs, BMPs, GIFs, PNGs, and other raster-format files will not work.  Due to high volume, if you send us the wrong file we won’t be able to contact you to correct the situation.

We’re looking forward to working together to help fuel the fire of interest that is propelling our city, and contact me if you’re interested in supporting this project as it evolves.

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