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Dave Sifry Lobbyconning at Web 2.0 in 2007

Dave Sifry Lobbyconning at Web 2.0 in 2007

I attended the Connect09 event this evening and was pleased to see such an active, engaged turnout and such a well-organized event. Hardly the picture one would paint if they’d already drawn the conclusion that the tech economy in this province was dead.  But I did have one of those ironic interactions last night that reveals the clash of cultures that still tends to occur with events such as this in Vancouver.

In speaking with an acquaintance he offered me his card, and asked for mine.  I declined his.. we’ve already emailed and talked on the phone so I know how to reach him, know his role and his company and its relevance to mine.  These things are memorable.  I also mentioned that I don’t have any business cards and don’t intend to get any.

A woman overheard our conversation and mockingly snorted “You came to a networking event and you didn’t bring any business cards?”

Guilty as charged, Ms. … whatwasyourname?

My personal brand is simple and established:  Hard to forget once you’ve met me and we’ve had a material conversation.  For those who haven’t met me yet I tend not to have immaterial conversations.  And if I haven’t made enough of an impact that you can remember that much then you probably had too much beer and/or I wasn’t interesting enough for you to pursue acquaintance with.  For the record I find both explanations completely acceptable.

If, on the other hand, I have dazzled you with my brilliance (this is sarcasm, folks) then you should have no difficulty remembering  After all, you’re here right now.  And I’m no Patrick Bateman:

If I really needed to kill a bunch of trees so that people remembered me, then I would think that my time would probably be better spent looking for more ways to be memorable to the people I met in conference lobbies than in designing the perfect business card in Palatino font on imported off-white 25g weight stock.  Advice which strikes fear into the hearts of Kinkos managers everywhere, I am sure.