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Sarah Palin’s greatest gift to popular culture (among many) might just well be Levi Johnston.  His cause celebre has been taken up by D-List genius Kathy Griffin.  For such a comedian the spectacle of a rube among the Hollywood elite, unprepared as he remains for the spotlight, is irresistible.  The two apparently followed up a joint appearance at the Teen Choice Awards by co-hosting Larry King Live. Video Below:

Hopefully someday soon we can start laughing with the poor guy, rather than at him.  With good management he could parlay his high profile dumping by the Palin family into some great entertainment, which would be just as well since according to GQ the guy’s notoriety is preventing him from getting a job in beautiful Wasilia.  In the meantime, the western world’s curiosity about him is peaking probably because of its direct parallel to the rise of Sarah Palin — a long-bomb which nearly catapulted a folksy uber-religious small town mayor into direct control over the world’s largest military arsenal.

He possesses one thing that Sarah Palin does not:  within his naivety, a certain nobility prevails.  And with it, a certain dignity that still gives him the opportunity to feign afterglow on CNN with a notorious, self-confessed media whore.  We may come to laugh right along with Levi long before we stop laughing at Sarah Palin.  At least Levi is well aware of what he is, and what he isn’t.