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  • @willsasso know any stupid tricks? in reply to willsasso #
  • Need a couple of spares for a league game tonight @ Kits Arena … msg me if you’re interested. #Hockey #Vancouver #
  • Beware the Social Media Charlatans filed under my “damn, somebody beat me to it!” library. #
  • Dear Dick Cheney: 4218 Americans have now died and 30182 wounded so that you could secure W a second term… worth it? #
  • Impossible to walk between any two points in downtown vAncouver without encountering a sidewalk closed due to construction. #
  • OpenTable IPO FTW! #
  • … doubt very much the Niedermayers will be coming to Vancouver next year, unless they take a big pay cut: #Canucks #
  • @jeffmacintyre Your web server’s hosed. in reply to jeffmacintyre #
  • Arthur Erickson, “genius” creator of oppressive neo-communist cheap-to-build dusty concrete megabuildings, died yesterday: #
  • @EcoSmartAM Even less sure where you got your facts from! in reply to EcoSmartAM #

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