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  • Ok here we go Blood Sweat and Beers. Let’s hope the hockey at Kits Arena is as one-sided as it is at the Garage tonight. Canucks #
  • My bike drinks 94 octane like Mar drinks Red Bull. Off to hockey now in the Jetta. Feels so slow. #
  • I have however just fallen victim to the charms of the OH Henry bar. Curse you, #BCFerries ! #
  • @mstanger try #Nambu … It’s native. in reply to mstanger #
  • You can tempt me with your Ferry Burgers, Spirit of British Columbia, but I am stronger. #
  • Swine Flu, Shwine Flu: 36,000 people died last year of the Common Flu in the US. Please put things in perspective, people #
  • Today’s moment of zen = Funboy3 covers the GoGos: #

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