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  • @johncmayer Seems like a kludge. Why not use professional DJ software for OSX like Serato or Traktor? Much more precise queueing and mix.. in reply to johncmayer #
  • WTF?! iTunes shows no iPhone Skype for Canada – why this unnecessary distinction between “Canadian” and “US” app stores? #backwater #
  • Just got Letterman tickets for April 15th. Woot! #
  • NerdFight: http://tr.im/i3rv #
  • Update re: iPhone Skype in Canada … the CBC got it all wrong: http://tr.im/i3vX #
  • Waiting for Greg at YVR … Flight landed 1 hour ago … When do I give up? #
  • My iPhone just spontaneously shifted to “No Service” and won’t join #ROGERS GSM network. Looking forward to a day spent haranguing support #

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