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  • Looking at flowers #
  • iPod Shuffles are for girls: #
  • Recordon’s gonna get mad at me for saying this but hopefully he’s at #SXSW and not paying attention: Is OpenID dead yet? #
  • This is the week that practically everyone I know is joining twitter. #
  • @pkedrosky Well as it happens it’s a good time to shop for luxury properties in West Vancouver. Hasta la vista, La Jolla! in reply to pkedrosky #
  • @kmcurry @chrismessina Au contraire, I think the article nails it: “Enthusiasm for alternative solutions barely registered” What problem? in reply to kmcurry #
  • @kmcurry What I think U R missing is the gap between what we think is a problem & what most folks think is a problem: they are not convinced in reply to kmcurry #
  • Has a new suit. Thanks to Gord @ Mark James #
  • @kmcurry Not defending their sickness… just the failure of the OpenID community to convince the 95% that they are indeed suffering illness in reply to kmcurry #

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