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A kid in New Hampshire has developed stealth goalie pads, which he claims have increased his save percentage.  Stupid, but novel…. not unlike Gary Bettman.  What do I think, you beg?  Over the years I have used many different leg pad designs including a white maple leaf inset, white triangle insets, slashes, and all other manner of designs.  Right now I use black pads with no white at all.  I highly doubt that my GAA was as well-serviced by my equipment as it was by my skill level and/or fitness at any given time, but a number of hockey gear makers will let you customize the artwork and look of your pads, including Stomp.  Give it a try.  Try some polka dots and see how long it takes to get beat up.

Today, it was revealed unto me that Miss Virginia, Tara Wheeler, is in fact a goalie.  Yes.  I repeat.  There was a one in fifty chance that the winner of the Miss America pageant held this weekend would be a goalie.  Just think — they only narrowly averted having someone with an actual ability win the pageant!

missvirginia-goalie ian-toque

Frankly, I don’t know how she does it.  I gave up wearing my tiara on the ice years ago, and now for special occasions (such as when it’s well below freezing, nighttime, and I am on a backyard rink somewhere in Kelowna) I wear a toque.

Also today I became buddies with Alexander Ovechkin.  On twitter.  Which is almost as good as being his fake friend on Facebook or MySpace.  A couple of years ago your humble author ran into Caps’ owner Ted Leonsis in San Francisco and I cheerfully asked whether he could release Ovi to spare with my summer league team.  He said that he and Ovi were a package deal and he thought I should ask the Sedins.  They could use the practice, we agreed, but I didn’t think they’d enjoy being on our second line.

I know there is a really creative way in which I could combine these three stories, however it is late and I have things to do, people.