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The Canucks picked up Kyle Wellwood on waivers this summer from the Leafs, who apparently gave up on him after three consistent seasons of injury-plagued poor performance. He’s known in the league as an enormously talented player with lots of potential — but just that… potential. Here’s a candid photo of Wellwood’s summer training regime:


Wellwood was picked up on Waivers in June. Hockey fans were not kind in their analysis of the new GM’s decision-making.

Lately the Wellwood-is-fat bandwagon has been picking up steam, with lots of reports from the mainstream media on his progress. As such, it’s become one of the focal-point issues of the preseason campaign. The National Post’s Wayne Scanlan thinks that Wellwood is just kicking it old-school, enjoying his summers off while his teammates grind away in the gym with their high-priced personal trainers. Now he’s been called out by the coach in the media: a last-ditch warning sign which needs to be heeded.

Canucks fans who were looking to the Wellster for an easy fix to the lack-of-scoring depth issue will have to look elsewhere. This ain’t your Dad’s NHL anymore, Kyle.

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