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rosterbot.gif We’ve finished version 1.0 of RosterBot, our RSVP system for sports teams… it’s generic enough to do league hockey, shinny, Ultimate, or any sport… but functional enough to make management of your team(s) easier. I’ve described it in the past as being “.. like eVite for sports teams”.

It’s a pretty simple system: You can paste in the email addresses of all the players on your team, input dates of your upcoming games (which is even easier if it’s a recurring event) and the system does the rest to figure out who’s coming and who’s not.

Please do try it out:

I got the idea when I became tired of sifting thru all the big long email threads from each of the hockey teams I play on where the team manager is trying to figure out who’ll be coming to the next game. It’s a painful, tedious task that all too quickly fills up Inboxes and Blackberries.

I know I’ve talked to many of you about this project of mine… In many cases, we’ve incorporated some of your feedback into the design. Thanks for that.. and please let me know what you think after fooling around with it for a while.


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