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PInk GunLesbians: It’s always about them, isn’t it? They take and they take and they take. It’s just not enough that they want to get married, work alongside us, raise their children, invade the fantasies of otherwise normal tobacco-chewing NASCAR-watching red-blooded American males, and (gasp!) live normal everyday lives.

Now, thanks to a searing special investigation by the crack journalistic team of Bill O’Reilly and Faux News we know that they also want to pistol whip you with their pink 9mm GLOCs and rape innocent god-fearing heterosexuals. Clearly the movement is inspired by lezbo icon Rosie O’Donnell, who confirmed Dick Cheney’s suspicions that she’s a terrorist by threatening to break into Donald Trump’s apartment and rub her belly all over him.

Ick. Not sure which aspect of such an incident would be more disgusting to watch: top or bottom..

Anyway, more background and a fairly thorough debunking of this scintillating discovery if here. Of course, you can amaze yourself at the depths of depravity to which corporate news networks are willing to descend in fearmongering, coupled with O’Reilly’s complete failure to develop a sense of his own irony, below:

[On] Crack reporter Rod Wheeler, whose journalistic endorsements hail from such luminaries of the truth as O’Reilly and Bush lapdog Tony Snow, is also famous for warning us that the Big Mac is subject to bioterror attacks at 250 points during its production — which is probably news to his former employer.