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Paris Hilton iPhoneQuite sadly, all of my friends are getting iPhones, it seems, and the iPhone Resistance soldiers are dropping like flies. There are rumors that even hardened technologists like Jeff Pulver, who’s made loud protestations to contradict the trend have been lured over to the dark side. I’m shattered.

But if there ever was cause for you to question your sanity for avoiding the first-generation iPhuss, then let this be an affirmation: buy an iPhone and you’ll be exactly as cool as Paris “Born Again” Hilton.

Here she is spotted by the paparazzi in her most conspicuous finery attending the “Sicko” premiere wearing sensitive green jungle attire and sporting the uber-trendy device, of course discussing things of great import with people of great influence. Either that, or she’s giving jailhouse tips to Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan iPhone aaarghSpeaking of Lindsay Lohan, here she is sporting her own iPhone. aaargh! Will the assault of the vapid on Silicon Valley never cease?

Perhaps these are plants, mere props cynically designed to attract the masses. Maybe even personally signed by Steve Jobs, or part of some gift bag at a Planet Hollywood ceremony?

er.. well … maybe not. Anyway, the iPhone has now officially jumped the shark.

Sorry, Steve.  You used to be cool.