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Okay, so I’m kind of addicted to FaceBook.  I had one of those interesting seachange events the other day when, despite the fact that he A) knows my email address, and B) knows my phone number, and C) was playing hockey with me the previous evening; my friend Chris Legault sent me a FaceBook message.  Why?  Because he was responding to some content that I had uploaded.  Of course, FaceBook will never replace email (I hope) but it is a form of messaging that has extra value and less spam because it is augmented by context.   And that context is something that we define together.

Anyway,  Gersham forwarded me the link to this little gem:  Mac Face.  It rides in the title bar on OS X (sorry Windoze) and lets you know what’s happenin’ in your FaceBook world.  It also gives you quick access to your billions of friends (two weeks after joining I have found 164 real friends, which I think means it’s growing at 10x the pace that my LinkedIN profile ever did).  Now, my title bar is getting pretty crowded, so it’s unclear if I’ll want this to stay there forever.  The app also supports Growl, which means it doesn’t necessarily need to be there; and Sparkle, presumably so it can update itself.  There are presently eight non-OS X icons in my title bar, so as I said this may not last long.  But the novelty and timeliness grabbed me.