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The RIAA, not content to sue 12-year-old girls and strike fear into the hearts of audiophiles worldwide, is now attempting to scare the bejeezus out of Senators. And nothing scares Senators (especially Republicans) like the spectre of… you guessed it, folks… KIDDIE PORN!!

The RIAA attacked the Peer-To-Peer networks as supposed havens for Kiddie Porn, including a slickly-produced video showing how easy it is to find naked Britney Spears and Pokemon characters on Kazaa.

Clearly they’re increasingly nervous about the state of the playing field with regard to their own case against music pirates, and are attempting to delevel the playing field by making a full-court press against all of the illicit sins of Peer-To-Peer technology.

Kiddie Porn is the greatest thing ever invented for politicians — it’s an issue that no rational person can side against, and therefore allows blowhard politicians to stand atop the mount and pound desks and tables and get all red in the face without fear of retribution. Let’s see one of those lazy pricks take such a strong stand against Tobacco, Poor Education, or Child Poverty.

The reality is that there are a lot more starving, nicotine-addicted kids with no education out there than there are victims of grainy secret photo sessions.


PS – The RIAA is REALLY pissing me off.