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Open Source Group Developing Competitor For Microsoft Exchange Sat Jul 12, 3:35 AM ET

Add Technology – TechWeb to My Yahoo!–OGo, for short, and an offshoot of the group that develops the OpenOffice business productivity suite–is taking on Exchange, Microsoft’s popular e-mail and collaboration-server software.

Just to be perfectly clear, this is an Exchange take-out,” said Gary Frederick, the leader of the OGo project.

The group characterizes its server software, OGo, as a cross between Microsoft’s Exchange and the company’s SharePoint Portal Server. Rather than offer its own mail server, however, OGo focuses on groupware and collaboration.

The server components provide document-sharing features for OpenOffice users relying on third-party groupware clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Calendar. Users can share calendars and a whiteboard, exchange documents, share folders and communicate using IM.

The OGo software is based on the source code of the SKYRiX 4.1 Groupware Server, which, according to OGo, is a stable, mature product with a seven-year history.

For more information, and to download the OGo server software, visit the group’s Web site at .