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Squint hard enough at a lightbulb and it looks like the sun. It appears Apple’s claim that the G5 is the “World’s Fastest Personal Computer” may be as baseless as other similar claims in the past few years. In the very least, given that they tested only one model of Dell workstation in their comparative study, their research was hardly exhaustive.

In the words of an esteemed British parliamentarian, it appears Jobs asked them to “sex it up a bit..”




I am a Mac user. I have been using Macs for years. I am writing this article on a PowerMac G4. I enjoy using Macs.

Thus today (23/24 June 2003), when I went to the Apple website to check out the new PowerMac G5 , I was very disappointed to discover that Apple was attempting to deliberately MISLEAD me about the speed of the PowerMac G5.

Using publicly available information, I am going to show you how Apple is attempting to deliberately mislead its loyal customers and fans when it claims that “The Power Mac G5 is the world’s fastest personal computer”.