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> From: Jonathan Taylor
> Date: Mon Jun 23, 2003 10:28:21 PM US/Pacific
> To: ian [at] ianbell [dot] com
> Subject: Apple iChat
> Ian et all:
> I’m not sure if you saw the announcement about iChat AV from the Apple
> Developer conference today. The AV edition adds audio & video
> conferencing.
> Jobs mentioned in his keynote that it’s standard based. But what
> standard?
> We loaded up the LAN analyzer and found that iChat Audio & Video is
> SIP + RTP using QCELP for audio and H263 for video.
> It appears you can only call / receive calls from other iChat AV users
> right now; but I’m sure well know more after the developer conference
> is over and I’ve had another night to spend with Ethereal 🙂
> Best,
> -Jonathan

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