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Sorry… I don’t think this went out the other day….

In honour of the beautiful summer we’re having DJ Heavy Smurf has created a new mix for listening to while at your local beach, tanning salon, lawn, or (if you’re Martha Stewart) in your jail cell..

Paper Thin Suntan packs 18 tracks on one mix, journeying from 92 BPM to 117 BPM over 79 minutes and 55 seconds. Insodoing it winds its way around the world from France to Norway to Lebanon to Honolulu to Brooklyn to London and Brazil,

The Smurf hopes you enjoy it at:

Track listing: “Paper Thin Suntan”

Air All I Need 92 BPM Jaffa Sneakin’ 94 BPM Elak Remember Me 96 BPM Royksopp Cry Baby 96 BPM Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde 97 BPM Bebel Gilberto Bananeira 97 BPM Fantastic Plastic Machine Honolulu, Calcutta 98 BPM Blue Boy Remember Me 99 BPM Roy Davis, Jr. Lyrical Trip 101 BPM Nightmares on Wax Ease Jimi 102 BPM Fila Brazilia Freedom 103 BPM Saint Germaine Acid Jazz 105 BPM Royksopp Eple 107 BPM Marschemellows Soulpower 110 BPM Telepopmusik Breathe 112 BPM Spiller Groove Jet 114 BPM Fred Derby 116 BPM Jamiroquai Little L 117 BPM

It’s encoded as 192kBps MP3… like most of the others…