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Apparently, like their software, Microsoft even slipped the ship date on their April Fool’s Day Press Release..


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Microsoft Plans Toilets With Web Access Wed May 7, 1:03 PM ET Add Technology – AP to My Yahoo!

By The Associated Press

SEATTLE – Now on the way: “Surfing on the loo” with Internet access at portable toilets.

The iLoo being developed by the MSN division of Microsoft Corp. in Britain is a standard portable toilet — a loo to the English — with a wireless (news – web sites) keyboard and extending, height-adjustable plasma screen in front of the seat.

There would also be a “Hotmail station” with waterproof keyboard and plasma screen on the outside for those waiting in line.

MSN officials say they’re negotiating for the manufacture of toilet paper imprinted with Web addresses that users may not have tried.

“The Internet’s so much a part of everyday life now that surfing on the loo was the next natural step,” MSN marketing manager Tracy Blacher said. “People used to reach for a book or mag(azine) when they were on the loo, but now they’ll be logging on.”

The device is expected to be in use at festivals this summer in Britain, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Tuesday. There’s no word on if, or when, the iLoo will make its way across the pond.