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Sorry about the nasty translation from German to English… an interesting theory.

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Apple obviously offers for universal Music

For universal Music, the largest disk company of the world, obviously was an unexpected prospective customer. Apple boss Steve job is to have called a purchase price for the music section of the maroden medium conglomerate Vivendi.

Los Angeles – round six billion dollar wants to pay jobs for universal, reports the “Los Angeles Times” with reference to anonymous sources. It already gave secret discussions with the computer manufacturer for months. It nevertheless is still possible that it does not come at all to a formal requirement, is called it in the report. There is to be several unresolved questions in the executive committee of Apple still. Neither jobs nor representatives of Apple, universal or Vivendi wanted to commentate the report.

With such Deal jobs would be at one blow the most powerful figure in the international music business. The disk company comes with musicians such as U2 or Luciano Pavarotti in the year on a world-wide conversion of approximately six billion dollar.

An entrance into the music business would fit the strategy of the Computerbauers. Apple brought lately ever more hard and software on the market, with which downloading, working on and playing digitized music pieces were highly simplified. The commitment and above all the pertinent werbekampagne was however rather a challenge to the music companies. With the slogan “rip, mix, burn” (ribs, mix, burn) encouraged jobs according to opinion of the industry almost to procure itself music pieces free of charge and illegaly over the InterNet.

Unclear is however, as wants to apply jobs the purchase price for the music giant. In the last quarter Apple made a loss of approximately eight million dollar, the conversion of the last yearly reached straight once 5.74 billion dollar. According to own data the enterprise has however cash reserves at a value of 4.4 billion dollar.