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> From: “DM”
> Date: Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:29:43 PM US/Pacific
> To:
> Subject: te from dm
> I’ve heard a report that the Bush team have contracted their first
> American
> company to rebuild the oil well in Iraq. The report is that the huge
> contract went to Halliburton.
> You remember – Dick Cheney’s Halliburton company?
> Could this be true? Isn’t this just a bit obvious – if true?
> Bush should have called his was Operation Iraqi Liberation. That’s
> right
> O.I.L. All this about the time America was beginning to trust this
> appointed
> prez.
> If true then all the Liberal Democrats Americans must be laughing their
> butts off. Of course that will permit greater life longevity than the
> lying
> their pants off Republicans and right wing extremists. Tony Blair has
> a red
> face. But Chrétien is smiling. Now what must those ridiculous Alliance
> boys
> be thinking?

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