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> From: Ruth Seymour
> Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 5:59:10 PM US/Pacific
> To: kcrw [at] ianbell [dot] com
> Subject: Iraq Coverage on KCRW
> Reply-To: Ruth Seymour
> Dear KCRW listener:
> You can hear rolling coverage from NPR, the BBC and CNN on KCRW. We
> are cherry-picking from among these broadcast services, the AP
> newswire, and internet sources to bring you the most current and
> accurate information. Warren Olney and his news producers will add
> special segments as well.
> You can also log on to 24/7 for continuous live
> reports from NPR, the BBC, and the Voice of America. Check out our
> “Iraq Watch” Webpage for additional information.
> KCRW will continue to broadcast rolling coverage as events dictate.
> Keep tuned to KCRW on air and online for the latest developments. And
> if you’re a subscriber–please accept our sincere thanks for enabling
> us to produce and present this coverage.
> Ruth Seymour
> General Manager