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> From: “DM”
> Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:31:52 PM US/Pacific
> To: “Ian Andrew Bell”
> Subject: RE: @F: [POLITICOS] Bend over.
> Ian – I believe you make extremely good point here. It is true that the
> media uses a broad brush by continually repeating the American or
> anti-American stance on anything and everything. Everyone should be
> much
> more careful in this regard. I agree that for most of the world the
> anti-American stance generally means an anti-American Government
> posture. We
> need to clarify ourselves continually on this matter.
> In fact – many Americans have an anti-Bush Government stance and they
> too
> are accused of being Anti-American. The anti-Bush position is promoted
> by
> the Bush officials as being anti-American and/or unpatriotic, this is
> leading much of the world to view that government as dictatorial and
> hypocritical. Gradually many are recognizing that the Bush Group is
> completely unfamiliar with diplomacy. It’s high noon and he’s John
> Wayne.
> When you ask others to do your gun slinging you should first be an
> expert in
> diplomacy. The Bush group are not.
> As for your constant attention to the wrongs and how many times you
> remind
> every to keep watch – this is a must. When one stops watching the
> magicians’
> hands one can expect to be tricked. Keep reminding us to watch the
> magicians’ hands.
> David Marsden