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Begin forwarded message:

> From: “DM”
> Date: Mon Mar 17, 2003 11:19:29 AM US/Pacific
> To: “Ian Andrew Bell”
> And a little more on the Dixie Babes…
> Subject: THIS IS SCARY – The Dixie Chicks – Who Are The Fans? (A
> Conspiracy!)
> Simon Renshaw, the Chicks’ manager, requests that this get forwarded to
> you, since he doesn’t have your direct E-mails.
> Dear All,
> The last couple of days have been very interesting, why does an artist
> exercising her rights of free speech create such a firestorm of media
> attention, and why are the “fans” responding the way they are? Sure,
> these are difficult times ? but the response from the fan’s seems far
> too extreme
> – that was until I received the following email from our contacts at
> Lipton, who had received it from a concerned citizen -  please read > on:
> Subject: Regarding Chicks – DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED
> Hello
> You should know that your company is being targetted by a radical
> right-wing online forum.  You are being “FReeped”, which is the code
> word for an organized email/telephone effort attempting to solicit a
> desired response. Please go to
> http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/864728/posts
> and http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/863398/posts
> for evidence of this.
> www.freerepublic.com claims over 30,000 members.
> The opinions on this forum are often racist, violent, and homophobic.
> I hope you will not feel pressured by them to change your policies.
> Keep in mind that they are very active and will give the appearance of
> a widespread reaction when in fact it’s limited to their isolated
> group. These are not people you want to cater to, as you will see if
> you spend a little time observing them. And don’t feel bad. Besides
> you, they are boycotting Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico,
> Belgium, and 3/4 of hollywood.
> They are so petty that they research goods they believe are produced
> by these nations and list them for boycotting. The dumb thing is they
> get it wrong half the time.
> I will be very dissappointed with Lipton if it tries to appease these
> radicals. I would continue to buy Lipton regardless though 🙂
> When we went to the site it was clear what was going on, this
> organization had not targeted Lipton for their campaign, they had
> selected the Chicks for “FReeping.”
> As we reviewed the site we came across a whole area that was devoted
> to the Chicks, and more specifically the activities of the campaign
> against them, check it out:
> http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/keyword/dixiechicks
> As you move around this area and start to look at specific threads you
> will see that these people have actively manipulated radio polls, and
> how proud they are of their handiwork.
> Here’s some of their exchanges regarding their specific attempts to
> manipulate radio polls, notice the advice given on trying to ensure
> that their manipulations remain disguised:
> To: webfooter
> Cat Country in Harrisburg has a poll on whether they should stop
> playing the Chicks. They attribute the quote to Natalie.
> Current vote is 5 for and 5 against.
> I would recommend only locals vote, but you FReepers can do what you
> want.
> Shalom.
> To: webfooter; LindaSOG; Kathy in Alaska; radu; bentfeather;
> southerngrit;
> Bethbg79; All
> One of the country stations in my area is boycotting them: Here’s the
> link! Please freepmail them thanks! I have done so already!!
> 38 posted on 03/13/2003 1:52 PM PST by MoJo2001 (God Bless Our Troops
> and Allies!!)
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> To: All
> LOL!! Um, email them! Don’t freepmail them! My bad!
> 39 posted on 03/13/2003 1:52 PM PST by MoJo2001 (God Bless Our Troops
> and
> Allies!!)
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> To: MoJo2001
> FReep Natalie Maines’ hometown country station! Natelie Maines’ home
> radio station (KLLL.com) and email address of the DJ’s. Just in case
> anybody wants to drop them a friendly email about boycotting the
> Chicks. As a bonus, pappa and the family live here too, so you are
> sure to get noticed.
> And here are the emails:
> mailto:jonsteele [at] klll [dot] com (Jon Steele)
> mailto:Rgilbert [at] klll [dot] com (Rick Gilbert)
> mailto:sjames [at] klll [dot] com (Stacey James)
> mailto:tony [at] klll [dot] com (Tony Alexander)
> mailto:info [at] klll [dot] com (Jay Richards)
> mailto:kgreene [at] klll [dot] com (Kelly Greene)
> mailto:tommy [at] klll [dot] com (Tommy Duncan)
> The above is the tip of the iceberg,  you need to read it all, to
> believe it.
> It is interesting that as I review the comments being made across
> bulletin boards hosted by ourselves, country radio stations, and by
> CMT, the similarity of the style of the invective ? vitriol cloaked in
> patriotism, very much what you will find on this site.
> Let no one underestimate the power of this group, yesterday our web
> site was totally overrun and had to be closed down, our publicist’s
> servers and telephone system failed under the weight of the calls.
> This is an extremely active and well organized group
> As always the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” and these weasels know
> how to squeak.
> Consider a radio station that receives 1,000 calls and emails from
> listeners demanding that they boycott the Chicks music, they ignore
> the fact that 17,500 fans have bought tickets to a show in a couple of
> months and seem to think that these 1,000 calls/emails are somehow
> reflective of their audiences’ wishes. Yet, the box office at the
> local venue receives only 3 calls regarding the show and wanting to
> know if they can arrange to return the tickets! Now the authenticity
> of the 1,000 is in question!
> I am shocked by what I see, I trust you will be too.
> Best wishes,
> Sr
> Simon Renshaw
> The Firm
> 9465 Wilshire Blvd
> 5th Floor
> Beverly Hills, CA 90212
> Tel: 310-860-8205
> Fax: 310-860-8128
> Email: srenshaw [at] firmentertainment [dot] net
> RadioPro (TM)

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