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Ha! Looks like Stewart met my ex-girlfriend. 🙂


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Stewart Reid
> Date: Sun Dec 15, 2002 12:41:10 PM US/Pacific
> To: “Ian Bell (E-mail)”
> Subject: For FOIB Distribution
> Today I got the finger,
> I had just turned down a typical narrow Vancouver West Side street,
> parked cars on both sides and only room for one car to get through. 
> My thoughts are on Christmas presents to buy, cards to write and where
> to find a dollar store so I can buy some cheap Christmas cards that
> are going to get chucked by January 2.  Oh and I was thinking about my
> driving as I rallied around the corner.  I was immediately forced to
> stop by a car that was about ¾ of the way down the block with no where
> for it to pull over to allow me to pass.  I do the polite thing, stop,
> reverse a bit and pull over.  The car passes and I get a smile and
> wave thanks from the driver, how nice and civil.  On I go another 50
> yards before another car and I are sorting out the same issue,
> fortunately there is room for both of us maneuver – a bit of give and
> take for both our mutual benefit.
> As I pull out from this maneuvering I am looking directly a women who
> has just stepped out of her car, both feet firmly planted on the
> pavement.  In an instant I process lots of information – she is decked
> out in running tights and apparel, probably just came from the gym or
> a run in the endowment lands I conjure as our eyes are locked on each
> as I pass by.  Now direct consistent eye contact is rare in Vancouver
> and in an instant I sum up this woman – confident, attractive, kind of
> girl next door good looks, athletic.  That’s what popped in my head as
> that is what we are all apt to do – process what we see, hear, touch,
> smell, etc. typically in a random fashion.  Back to my driving and
> thoughts.
> I check the rear view mirror for that last fleeting glance; she is
> stopped in the middle of the road with a firm stance – blatantly
> giving me the finger! With authority even.  And the funny thing is I
> don’t even know why nor get upset.  I am just morbidly curious after
> my rush of positive thoughts over this person.  So what mortal sins
> did I commit?  What driving taboo did I break?  Should I have stopped
> the car, gallantly thrown out a red carpet to allow this woman to
> cross the road? (James Bond has this option in his car I am sure)  Did
> I not even notice that I might have scared the living daylights out of
> her at a blazing 5 km an hour?  What?
> But at least I had a smirk on my face because I will never know.  With
> that in mind I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy
> New Year as we sometimes wonder through life’s random events! 
> I will be at Greg Kelly’s this Thursday night, 7 PM onwards 1053
> Douglas for Christmas cocktails – the more the merrier as usual.
> All the best for 2003
> Stewart Reid