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If you are like most IT managers you must provide 24/7 support of networks and servers, including mission critical applications. Downtime as a result of server issues or failure can occur at any time and critical applications are not immune. When this happens, company staff and operations can be affected incurring significant costs and therefore, it is imperative that admin staff have constant access to manage network resources. Up until now, access in off-hours or when the you are away from your desk has been accomplished using PC-based remote administration tools, however your abilities are limited at times when you do not have access to a PC. Now, with Idokorro Mobile Admin, you can maximize network performance with immediate access to servers for routine maintenance or to address pressing issues.

Idokorro Mobile Admin

A powerful remote adsministration solution with the following features:   SSH/Telnet – administration of UNIX servers with Telnet or SSH SQL Administration – connect to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL databases File Browser – remotely browse, delete, rename, email or print files on shared disk drives Jabber – connect to Jabber servers hosted inside or outside a corporate firewall Windows Domain Administration – view, create and edit users on a Windows Domain Windows Process Administration – connect to Windows computers on a network to view and kill processes Windows Service Administration – connect to Windows computers on a network to view, start and stop services Server Monitoring – notifies administrators when servers (http. mail, ftp, etc.) stop responding UNIX Usage Monitoring – track active user accounts Disk Space Monitoring – monitor disk usage on UNIX and NT servers


Idokorro Mobile Admin 1.2 consists of:   Idokorro Enterprise Server 1.1 (runs on Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000) SNAPchannels Client 1.2 (RIM Blackberry 95x, 58xx and J2ME) Triple DES security from client to server

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