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As most of you know, FOIB (The Friends of Ian Bell mailing list) was founded on December 20, 1998. This means that FOIB is now four years, seven months, and 4 days old (anyone who points out that this is mathematically incorrect gets a slap). I think we’re past due for a party.

Therefore, I have booked us in at Ginger Sixty-Two in Vancouver, one week from today. About 50% of this list’s membership, therefore, should be able to attend.

It’s your chance to meet, greet (and/or beat) other members of FOIB or loose affiliated friends and have a good time.

What : FOIB Drinks & Socializing Where: Ginger Sixty Two 1219 Granville St. 604-688-5494 When : Wednesday July 31st, 8PM. How : If there’s a lineup, tell them you’re a Friend Of Ian Bell.

Special Performances: – Gersham will perform his rendition of Mitzi Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. – EJW will park his Defender in the DJ booth.

NO need to RSVP. You’re just expected to be there. 🙂

FOIB’s permanent home: