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Failed Daring Effort To Steal WTC Gold From Vaults Said ‘Inside Job’ The Telegraph – London 11-2-1

A daring plot to steal bullion from vaults beneath the collapsed World Trade Centre has been revealed by police as workers removed gold and silver valued at $452 million.   Scorch marks around the basement door to the vaults suggested thieves had tried to break in to steal the precious metals, belonging to the Bank of Nova Scotia.   The bank denied there was any heist attempt, but police insisted that at some time during the past fortnight, a blowtorch and crowbar had been used on the vault’s entrance. After the discovery, a video camera was set up to monitor the area.

Given the difficulty of getting on to the site and down to the vault, it is suspected the attempt was an inside job.

Hundreds of construction and relief workers are working on the World Trade Centre site.

The bullion was not the only valuable hoard buried beneath the twin towers. There were also caches of drugs seized by federal agents, boxes of FBI evidence – and thousands of Godiva chocolates.

Extreme secrecy has surrounded the operation to protect and remove the contents of the vaults. Most of those who used the basement for storage have kept quiet for fear of encouraging burglars.

The World Trade Centre’s basement lay 70 feet underground, roughly a quarter of a mile below the top floors of the Twin Towers when they still stood. The basement area’s square footage is almost twice that contained in the entire Empire State Building.

Earlier during the rescue and recovery effort, the Drug Enforcement Agency spirited away millions of dollars worth of seized drugs which they stored there.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, however, said it is yet to recover two evidence vaults, including an armoury of illegally held guns, which may affect scores of criminal cases.