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You might disagree with the above statement, but it’d be hard for any democratic libertarian to disagree with my right — in fact, the need — for me to be able to say it. Still, that is happening everywhere in America today. Apparently, now, questioning or criticizing the way the US is governed now automatically casts me as anti-American. As such, the knee-jerk reaction by a vocal element of the American populous to lynch anyone who dares to voice any criticism is resulting in an affirmation of the current administration — bar none. Does anyone other than me see why this is profoundly dangerous?

In 1933, after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, Adolf Hitler stirred the German populous into a frenzy by fanning the embers of a siege mentality. The French, Polish, British, and all but the Germans took the blame for the plight of the republic. The seeds of this fear may have been truth, just as the threat of terrorism and menace is sincere for the US, but for over 10 years Adolf Hitler had carte blanche to do anything he wanted.

He proceeded to declare war on the world. He expanded the reach of his highly mechanized military machine to occupy foreign countries. He killed hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries while his countrymen cheered in support. Does any of this sound familiar?

Oh, and by the way — tens of millions of people sat idly by, even cheered, as he escorted Jews in the millions off to encampments where they were stripped of all possessions, starved, enslaved, and killed. How far will we have gone when this occurrs? When Islamic people are singled out and rounded up in North America and herded away from their livelihoods?

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. From the fall of Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Ho Chi Minh, Augusto Pinochet, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini we have been taught over and over again that Nationalism as a tool of governance tends towards a fascism that is either explicit, or de facto. Under such rule, great atrocities tend to be committed, and from the ultimate and inevitable decline of that rule societies — including the very ones who exhibited that power — are left in ruin.

That no one can express their right of free speech to criticize Bush, the execution of the War On Terror (which, by all evidence is exhibiting no progress), or the US Government shows that we are very advanced in the cycle of rampant Nationalism.

The world trade center attack has triggered an emotional (fear) response in America which has been fanned by the current administration, in order that the US population will accede to the policies of that government and re-elect them in two years. Meanwhile, they are plundering the larder and wreaking havoc with the global balance of power.

Wake Up, America… the real enemy is within.



US Calls For Michael To Quit

Americans have rallied to call on George Michael to be kicked out of the country over his controversial new anti-US single.

The British multimillionaire, who has homes in the US, has been slated coast to coast for Shoot the Dog in which he ridicles President George W Bush.

The star criticises America and close ally Britain for their war against terrorism and portrays Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair as gay lovers in the accompanying video.

The video jokes about the fight for freedom in the wake of the World Trade Center atrocity. Neither the song nor video has been released in the US over fears that George’s career would be ruined.

‘What a coward’

American radio stations have been bombarded with complaints from listeners who have managed to hear the song.

Popular American DJ Lisa Stanley summed up the feelings. “If he released that song here, he would be torn apart. What a coward,” she said.

“He owes it to his fans here to show what he is really like, and with the current patriotic feeling here, I doubt his fans would be impressed.”

‘Safer toilets’

She added: “Do we really need to let him back in? Our toilets would be safer without him,” referring to the singer being caught performing a sex act in a public loo in Los Angeles.

In Britain, radio bosses have refused to play the single on their airwaves but a defiant George hit back saying he was only expressing his concerns about the terror campaign.

“I would never knowingly disrespect the feelings of a nation which has suffered so much loss, so recently,” he said in The Sun. “I am definitely not anti-American. How could I be? I have been in love with a Texan for six years.”