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This is the Sierra Wireless killer. The fact that companies like them don’t appreciate the impending convergence of ALL wireless technologies with 802.11x is astounding to me. Imagine roaming onto costly GPRS, GSM, and CDPD networks ONLY when you’re out of range of 802.11b. That means that those costly wireless infrastructures take a back-seat to low cost, easy-to-deploy, unlicensed WiFi networks. Once again, service providers get hoodwinked. We may never see 3G.



WLAN and GPRS data is now in the cards for on-the-go connectivity

(March 18, 2002) For the first time in the Americas, the Nokia D311 product incorporates widely available GPRS and 802.11b WLAN in one PC card

ORLANDO, FLA – Designed to free laptop and handheld users from wired Internet connections, Nokia today unveiled the Nokia D311 product, the first dual-mode GPRS/wireless LAN (WLAN) PC Card for the Americas. Taking advantage of the popularity of 802.11b WLAN networks in homes, offices and public areas, and the growth of GSM/GPRS networks across the Americas, the dual-mode capability of the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card allows for wireless connectivity at home, at work and places in between. Shipments are expected to begin during the 3rd quarter of 2002.

“By allowing users to access data wirelessly over both cellular networks and 802.11b wireless LAN systems, the Nokia D311 product offers the freedom to stay connected both in the office and at remote locations.” Said Paul Chellgren, vice president of business development and product management at Nokia. “In one simple device, the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card delivers true portability to users of laptops and handheld devices needing to access the Internet, e-mail and other data services.”

The Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card operates in GSM 850/1900 networks offering GPRS coverage and wireless LAN coverage areas. While operating in GPRS coverage areas, already available in many areas across the Americas, the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card offers connection speeds of up to 40.2 kbps. Rather than using a dial-up connection, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) networks allow for rapid connectivity to the Internet, sending data in short bursts, or packets. When connected to a WLAN access point, the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card offers connection speeds of up to 11Mbps.

Taking a cue from Nokia’s popular line of wireless phones, the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card includes an easy-to-use interface with user-defined profiles. By using profiles, users can quickly select the optimal connection method that is available at any given time, without having to remember different settings for each connection type.

The 802.11b WiFi compliant Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card is compatible with a wide range of platforms which use a type II or III PC card slot, including Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Windows CE 3.0 and Linux. For increased security and reliability, the Nokia D311 GPRS WLAN PC card is compatible with leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) clients over both GPRS and WLAN networks.

Note: Features and services are carrier and network dependent and subject to change. Please check with service provider for availability and description of services. This device has not yet been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). This device may not be sold or leased, or offered for sale or lease, until FCC authorization is obtained.

About Nokia Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. By adding mobility to the Internet, Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on six major exchanges.

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