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Israelis and Palestinians in and near the West Bank go about there lives every day in defiance of the very real possibility of a tank or a suicide bomber killing them or someone they know.

In America, the deaths of 3600 people in the highest-profile terrorist act ever has effectively stirred 300 million into a frenzy of paranoia and delusional fear that couldn’t be achieved anywhere else.

While toppling the symbolic seat of power of the Imperialist was no doubt the most ingenious act of terror ever, the fact that simple inferences by a supposed elite terrorist can turn the world’s most powerful nation into a quivering puddle of fear is the real demonstration of why terrorism is and always will be the most effective method of warfare.

It also serves as proof that by not addressing the issues and instead resorting strictly to violence, that fear and the violent acts that inspire it are doomed to grow in perpetuity.