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Last post today I promise..

—— Forwarded Message From: “Jim Whitehead” Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 13:36:11 -0700 To: “FoRK” Subject: Hailstorm dead

Looks like Hailstorm has failed to be adopted, and is dead in it current form. Perhaps we’ll see a reverse naming sequence here, with the next iteration being Active Services, followed by COM Services. Or, perhaps, Services XP?

I think this should give greater momentum to the development of open calendaring access standards (i.e., the standard protocol you use to access iCal data). This seemed like a futile gesture when Hailstorm was first announced, due to its inclusion of a Calendaring service.

Microsoft Has Shelved Its Internet ‘Persona’ Service


SAN FRANCISCO, April 10 — Microsoft (news/quote) has quietly shelved a consumer information service that was once planned as the centerpiece of the company’s foray into the market for tightly linked Web services.

The service, originally code-named Hailstorm and later renamed My Services, was to be the clearest example of the company’s ambitious .Net strategy. It was intended to permit an individual to keep an online persona independent of his or her desktop computer, supposedly safely stored as part of a vast data repository where there could be easy access to it from any point on the Internet.

At the time of the introduction of My Services, Microsoft also proclaimed that it would have a set of prominent partners in areas like finance and travel for the My Services system. However, according to both industry consultants and Microsoft partners, after nine months of intense effort the company was unable to find any partner willing to commit itself to the program.


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