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By the way Mike, I think you make some excellent points and it sucks that there aren’t more Americans making arguments on this list. Please don’t feel like you have to be an apologist for US foreign policy — we all know countries make mistakes and pointing out how one thing leads to another is part of the cycle of understanding, I think.

I heard a truly great quote from Scott Petrack yesterday when we were talking in the halls at Spring VON. Apparently it’s some sort of Chinese proverb:

“It takes a thousand wise men to lift from the well a stone that was cast by one fool.”

I happen to believe that Ariel Sharon is that fool and that the damage left by his junta will be irreparable.

On 4/10/02 10:51 PM, “Mike Masnick” wrote:

> However, I do think that the Israelis have every right to go into the
> occupied territories and do what is necessary to break up the suicide
> bombing network. It is a protective measure. The suicide bombs are not a
> protective measure. They are a deliberate attack on civilians.

You can’t beat a dog with a stick and then complain because you think it’s too aggressive. Palestinians are not dogs, mind you, but a society’s behaviours are relatively predictable and entirely reasonable considering their status.

> If I see proof that Israelis are using the incursions to randomly and
> maliciously kill innocent civilians – then I agree that they are very wrong
> in what they have done. However, the simple act of going in to the
> territories and breaking up the bombing network is a completely defensible
> move.

Regardless of whether or not it happens you likely won’t see this — the Israelis are refusing to allow the world press access to the combat zone. Reporters have been told that they’re “fair game” for target practice if spotted in the zone.


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