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—— Forwarded Message From: “caroline lksdgjlskdhg” Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 20:25:02 +0000 To: foib [at] ianbell [dot] com Subject: Israel’s Red Herring

Just had to add another viewpoint on this very important state of affairs.

Talking about suicide bombing, or Palestinian terrorism is simply a red herring that is being used to keep us off the scent of the true story. Israel continues to invade their neighbours’ territories and move out citizens like they are dirt being shovelled out of a trench.

Picture this: America decides (for some credible reason) that it should rightly own Southern Ontario. That’s a part of Canada, btw. The army moves tanks in and all the Canadians are killed, chased away or put into “refugee camps”. Over the years, the US keeps pushing deeper into Canada. Canadians, frantically trying to fight back against this injustice decide to poison the Americans’ freshwater sources in and around Southern Ontario. Numerous deaths are reported every few weeks.

Instead of focussing on the issue: “What are Americans doing in Southern Ontario and why are they pursuing their settlements in such an inhumane way?” media around the globe focusses on this instead: “No one can condone poisoning someone’s drinking water! It’s horrific and evil! How many more Americans will die before this terrorism can be stopped?”

I refuse to hear any further discussions about suicide bombing. And who are we, with our plush condos and fine dining, to suggest politely how people should respond to war anyway? “Why can’t they just peacefully protest?” We’re talking about real and daily threats to a population’s very existence here. We simply cannot relate and should not be so arrogant.

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