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The “Bert is Evil” web site has been taken down.

For the uninitiated, there’s an archived version of it at:

Anyway, apparently this all peaked this past October when some pro-Taliban protesters downloaded a retouched photo of Bin Laden with Bert in the background and used it on placards in a street demonstration:

“Bert is Evil” suddenly became mainstream and the (Canadian) guy that created the site realized that his obscure little meme was colliding with popular culture.

On the old “Burt is Evil” site @ [ ] the author wrote this epitaph:

—— I have taken down the “Bert is Evil!”site from my server. I would like to thank Sesame Workshop for their patience and restraint all these years. I implore all fans and mirror site hosts of “Bert is Evil” to stop the spread of this site too.

This is not selling out. I was not bullied. I am not being a pussy.

I am doing this because I feel this has gotten too close to reality and I choose to be responsible enough to stop it right here.

I want to thank all the fans who laughed with me all these years. Thank you to the mirror sites who continued the legacy beyond what I started. Thanks to Victor J. Zuylen, N. Ross Gilbert, Wout Reinders and Jasper Hulshoff Pol who helped me build the site back in the early days. Thank you to Tiffany Schlain and the Webby Awards team for believing in me. Many thanks to the press who have helped me get my site noticed (specifically the now defunct magazines Internet Underground and The Web). Thank you to Lloyd Kaufman and the staff who brought Fractal Cow back to life.

I hope my other projects will receive an ounce of the appreciation you all showed “Bert is Evil!”.

Thank you very much.

Dino Ignacio ——

Pity this didn’t happen to Mahir.