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… That Went to Work the Counter at McDonald’s.



5/94: graduated from the university of iowa 5/94-4/95: “interactive marketing frontiersman” at sony 4/95-10/99: founder/ceo i-traffic (acquired by 10/99) 10/99-10/01: chairman, i-traffic (an company) 10/00-10/00:  counterperson, mcdonald’s (4th & broadway, nyc) more about me


why i got a job at mcdonald’s:

i spend a lot of time with bankers, lawyers, internet freaks, corporate wonks, and other people living strange lives.  as a good marketing guy, that’s a bad thing.  and as a practicing anti-consumerist, that’s a bad thing.  i got a job at mcdonald’s to help get back in touch with the real world.  also, after over 6 grueling years in the internet whirlwind, i wanted to experience a profitable, well-oiled, multi-billion-dollar machine. and  i deserved a break today.