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Introducing the future of home entertainment, the Moxi Media CenterTM (the Moxi MCTM, for short). Soon to be offered by leading cable and satellite companies nationwide, the Media Center lets you experience all the benefits of cutting-edge digital entertainment in one simple and surprisingly affordable device.

Five Great Products In One

Groundbreaking technology brings together the functionality of more than five advanced products into one sleek package, the Moxi Media Center. With Moxi, you get:

* Digital cable or satellite receiver Tune 150+ channels of crystal-clear digital audio and video.

* Digital Music Jukebox Store hundreds of your CDs on the Moxi Media Center’s hard drive and download your favorite songs from the latest digital music services. Create playlists, find and purchase music, and download songs to your MP3 player to bring your music with you.

* Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Pause and rewind live TV. Record and save up to 60 hours (or, hundreds of hours with expansion 1394 drives) of your favorite shows and movies from any TV in the house.

* DVD Player Play your favorite CDs and DVDs from the Moxi Media Center’s built-in player.

* Cable/DSL Modem and Internet Gateway Access the Internet at blazing speeds from any computer in your home and know that the built-in Firewall will protect your computers. Multi-Room Access

Why should the TV in your family room have all the fun? For the first time, all the great features available on your main TV can be enjoyed on any TV in the home1. With Moxi, your family can…

* enjoy digital cable in the living room * watch last week’s favorite sitcom in the den * pause the ballgame in the bedroom * listen to music in the study …all at the same time!

The Moxi Media Center supports up to four TVs, each with their own dedicated audio or video stream. These additional TVs can be connected via the cable already in your home or using the latest wireless technology2. More About Moxi >

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