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They say the only internet businesses making any money are Stocks and Sex. So why not combine the two?



Tuesday November 20 5:48 AM ET

Naked Online Market Reports Offer Bottom Line

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A Sydney-based company is offering online daily financial market reports read by naked women.

“Oh, hi! Thanks for checking us out,” say two young women after they undress each other down to bras and suspender belt.

“You can get all the market news. Takeovers, mergers and bums,” they say in unison as they slap each others buttocks.

Market Wrap Unwrapped ( plans to offer 20-minute market reports featuring naked women with names like Cindy, the “daughter of a minister” according to her online biography, and Penthouse magazine model Georgie.

“The U.S. stock market basically leads the world financially, and all investors around the world want to know how the market is doing — the Dow Jones, S&P 500, any major stock movements and commodity prices,” Market Wrap Unwrapped Managing Director Sam Ruddock said on Tuesday.

“There is no market advice, it’s just a wrap. It verges on the stockmarket/porn industry. But it is very tame, it’s only R rated,” Ruddock said.

“The girls give the report and take their clothes off, down to nothing as they go on,” he said.

Since its launch two weeks ago, the site had received 15,000 hits, with more than 50 people signing up, Ruddock said.

For the cost of a US$9.95 per month, members get not only market reports but also lingerie voting and an online offer to meet the girls.