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Internet World a Void By Declan McCullagh     1:00 p.m. July 12, 2001 PDT Chicago — For the up-and-coming dot-com entrepreneur, Internet World was the show to attend.      Last year, Internet World Spring was mayhem, attracting a record 58,000 to Los Angeles.

This year, things are dramatically different.

Organizer Penton Media set the admission price at a whopping $1,400 — before the dot-com downturn — and nobody’s showing up.

Declan McCullagh’s pictures speak for themselves.

Show Floor :,2072,45198-790,00.html Busy Masseuse :,2072,45198-792,00.html Lunch Time :,2072,45198-794,00.html Registration :,2072,45198-796,00.html