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—— Forwarded Message From: Ian Andrew Bell Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 11:31:37 -0700 To: Jeffrey Katz, CEO Orbitz , Alex Zoghlin, CTO Orbitz , Carol Jouzaitis, PR Orbitz Subject: FW:

Your customer experience is, if this is possible, even worse than actually flying.

Here’s my review of my shopping experience today with Orbitz:

1) Your web site is pathetically slow (ever heard of AKAMAI?) with heavy graphics that take forever to load even on DSL.

2) I tried for an hour, unsuccessfully, to book a paper ticket Northwest flight via the web site and encountered errors during the booking process every time. Some times, your booking interface completely failed to respond when I pressed “CONTINUE”.

3) Having given up on the web, I called your call center. Big mistake. I sat on hold for 40 minutes, after which I was summarily disconnected without talking to a single human. I called again. At present the timer sits at 59 minutes on hold. Shall we go for 89?

Let me ask you a question: Are you people serious about this business? Or are you just trying to block your obviously more technically competent competitors by teasing travellers with lower fares that can only be had once they navigate the maze of fuck-ups that is your customer interface?

Unbelievable. Count me out.

-Ian. —— End of Forwarded Message