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…as told to Fucked Company:

Another Idealab Company going under? eVoice Rumor has it that eVoice is going out of business. We’re in a similar business and one of our busdev guys heard this from one of our competitors. The folks at eVoice are / were so arrogant it is unbelievable. When: Jun 26 2001 01:14PM Company: eVoice

AOL buys eVoice for 5 cents a share eVoice eVoice, once destined to become the first national home voicemail service, will be purchased by AOL for a measly 5 cents a share. Everyone will lose money – except the execs still left and the board – and most staff will lose their jobs. Company has been slowly deteriorating for the last 9 months, with many of the senior staff leaving or being laid off. AOL put in a significantly higher bid almost a year ago, but eVoice rejected it and AOL waited for eVoice to screw up and get it at a lower price. When: Jun 22 2001 05:54PM Company: eVoice

eVoice To Fuck Employees, Shareholders eVoice eVoice, having spent nearly $70 Million in venture capital (including a few from our friends, Idealab!), went from 300,000 users to less than 20,000 when they switched from FREE to PAY. For FY2000 they posted less than $120,000.00 in revenue. Now they’re hatching plans to fuck their employees and common shareholders by creating a holding company and quietly transferring intellectual property from eVoice to the new company. Why? So they can shut down their costly consumer operations and gussy themselves up to be bought by AT&T. Who gets screwed? The employees, who all bought into the “pre-IPO” nightmare and who were encouraged last summer to purchase their options before vesting. When: Jun 08 2001 05:21PM Company: eVoice

the fast lane into your wallet Xdrive one other thing, xdrive follows the example of other free web services i have used such as evoice ( and paymybills ( which were both free services that suddently switched to pay services with little or no warning. big surprise, but i’m getting tired of paying for CRAP on the ‘net. who in the hell would pay for xdrive?? bri When: May 21 2001 10:31PM Company: Xdrive

Evoice discontinues free voice mail As of December 31st, 2000 Evoice is discontinuing their free voice mail service. For existing users they are now charging $1.95 a month until June, when they’ll jack the price to at least $5.95. They gave me one days notice, or the choice of cancelling. When: Dec 30 2000 03:52AM Company:

idealab! venture eVoice begins charging for free service eVoice Hey, what the hell, it was free so I let them answer my phone and direct voicemail to my inbox. Now they want to charge me $2/mo. for 6 months and then raise that to at least $6/mo. (probably more). I don’t expect they will be around that long. Here’s the email they sent current users: Attention: As of December 31, 2000, your service will no longer be free. We would like to thank you for all your feedback. And we want you to know we’ve listened. You are a valued subscriber, and that’s why we want to offer you our Premium Home Answering service at a special promotional price of $1.95 per month through June 30th 2001*. Due to your feedback, we’re offering Premium Home Answering service with enhanced features that is leaps and bounds over what your phone company voicemail or any answering machine has to offer! Premium Service gives you: *Messages immediately *No advertisements *Personalized greeting – up to one minute in length *More room for messages *Keep messages as long as you want *Add a cell phone to your home mailbox and call one number for all your messages (additional charge applies) Because of the costs associated with more enhanced features, we’ve had to make some hard business decisions. As of December 31, 2000, we will no longer be offering free home answer service. You have one of the 2 following options available: 1. Upgrade Log in to your account at to receive more information and upgrade. Payment is easy! The charge will appear on your monthly telephone bill. That’s it! ~ Or ~ When you call to check your messages on the phone you will be prompted how to upgrade. 2. Disconnect Log in to your account at and click on Account Status and select ‘Disconnect Phone’. ~ Or ~ Call your home phone number and enter your PIN and press pound; press star during the greeting, for mailbox settings press 0, for home answering settings press 6, and to remove a mailbox or cancel service press 2. We know that you’ll love how Premium service can simplify your life and hope that you will upgrade today and give it a try. For more information log in to your account at Thanks again for being an eVoice subscriber! *Currently at a special promotional rate of $5.95 per month. When: Dec 17 2000 04:19PM Company: eVoice

eVoice Premium Voice Mail Service eVoice Originally company came out with free Voice Mail – unlimited calls, etc. Now they are getting ready to begin charging $4.95 mo for “premium” service; and minimizing the “free service.” That’s pure rip – off. When: Sep 28 2000 05:20PM Company: eVoice

Sounds like a problem Free voicemail provider evoice is having “technical problems” which are causing subscribers’ outgoing messages to be lost and incoming callers to hear nothing. The company claims it will be several days before the problem is fixed, and they can’t disconnect the service because of the Verizon strike. BTW – Did you hear is giving $10 for every referral… cash? Can’t wait to see the fuck for that one. When: Aug 19 2000 11:53AM Company: