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PhoneFree has changed their business model and will no longer support PC-to-Phone traffic. Current users have received notice; once the allotted time, that was purchased, has been used up service will be terminated. They had almost 4,000,000 customers.

PhoneFree has formed a new company called Gemini Voice Solutions

The Gemini Gatewayâ„¢ is a low-cost, residential solid-state network interface device designed specifically for broadband service providers and their subscribers. The device seamlessly runs our advanced Voice-over-IP software that delivers the end-user’s calls to virtually any telephone in the world via Gemini’s H.323 and SIP supported global network. Utilizing two ports, uniquely supports both VoIP and PSTN pass-through, as well as quality-of-service technology enhancements such as RSVP, voice-activity detection, silence suppression, and jitter buffers. This device supports the following combinations of two simultaneous phone calls: two PSTN calls; one PSTN call and one VoIP call; or two VoIP calls.