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This has got to be the most persistent rumour in Hollywood. Maybe it’s because we believe he’d have to be gay to break up with Nicole Kidman. Maybe it’s cause taking him out of heterosexual circles makes all the rest of us guys look like champs.

Anyway, when I’m in the locker room getting ready to play hockey with the celebrities this is a constant source of banter (a far cry from the conversation at 8 Rinks in Burnaby, I tellya). According to these actors/directors/producers it’s true.

Interesting though that in a world where it’s no longer taboo to be gay, it’s ironically a whole lot tougher to keep your sexual preferences secret. In studmuffin Rock Hudson’s day, none of his male partners would dream of leaking their encounters with him to tabloids because they themselves couldn’t bear the scrutiny that befell gay men.

But these days, how can a discretely homosexual celebrity dreamboat market himself as god’s gift to women when the fear of being “outed” as gay no longer keeps his sexual partners shyly in the closet?

Anyway, male OR female, picking a porn star — someone who is obviously pretty comfortable about opening their sexuality to public scrutiny — as the person to cheat on your fantastic wife with, is pretty stupid. Just goes to show that gay or not, guys are still victims of thinking-with-the -wrong-head syndrome.


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