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I’m not a big fan of terms like “GAY” and “FAG” being used as derogatory (though like many of us I probably was when I was 12). This list aims to ride on a slightly higher plane of existence.

Look, I don’t want to have to approve every message posted to this list — can we please just all exhibit a little bit of taste and decorum and embrace tolerance and sensitivity around here?

Makes us look pretty thick as a group and I don’t like the way it’s reflecting on me.


On 4/5/01 5:35 AM, “Wheewall, Adam [STU]” wrote:

> I feel compelled to write in to this group as Ben keeps reading your stuff out
> loud. It may interest you to know on the whole gay subject that if you send
> an email to gayhomosexual [at] bigfoot [dot] com it gets to Ben. Interesting? But does
> it mean anything?

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