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Just to prove to us that even after reality has dealt a smack down to Silicon Valley, there remains an entire substrata of morons who somehow believe that the internet itself is “the next big thing” and that the web is a place in time worthy of celebration.

The internet is what it always has been — a medium. Do we have Celebrate TV days? Save BETAMAX days?

There 24-year-old Gap-shirt-clad “Web Boosters” didn’t get the memo — it’s a conduit. The Internet is what we make of it. If PETS.COM can’t make a viable business out of selling Purina to lonely cat-loving women using the web then fuck ’em. They don’t deserve to be around… Why should I do them a favour and shop for the sake of keeping them in business?

Besides, I already have a hand puppet.

-Ian. (Resoundingly in “Get Over It” mode).

PS – I like that the webmaster @ yahoo has made his/her own editorial in choosing the filename.

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